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Our dance group organizes fundraisers and other social events to help promote and sustain our program.

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Policies and Procedures

To all Parents/Grandparents:

“Ta Ellinakia” is a dance group of St. Nicholas community serving our youngest members, comprising of children from ages of 3 years old to 12 years old. This program provides our children with an excellent opportunity to learn a variety of Greek dances and to make new friends. All children are expected to cooperate with the Directors of the dance group and to show respect for one another. It is our desire to promote a more enthusiastic and energetic dance group by encouraging all members to be an active part of the St. Nicholas community and to enroll your child in the Saint Nicholas Sunday School program. Ta Ellinakia is a church organization and we all must be supportive active members of our community and devoted to our faith.

Ta Ellinakia dance group year begins in January and ends in December of each year. New member registration begins each February and ends in April.

The dance group performs at many church events, festivals and the St. Nicholas Folk Dance Festival. All children are expected to attend all performances. Should a performance be scheduled and less than 15 children are able to attend, then that performance will be cancelled. Please note that if your child attends Saint Nicholas Greek School and is asked to perform at the same time as the Ellinakia dance group, it is understood that your child is to perform with the Greek School. When asked to perform, all non-competitive children are expected to have their own costumes. All girls should wear white tights and black dress shoes, and boys should wear black shoes and socks to match their costume. If your child does not have a costume, please notify us so that we may make arrangements for you to purchase one.

All children are to attend all practices and will be placed according to their ability to perform/age. The group has been broken down into two divisions. We will provide you with the appropriate schedule of practices for your child. If your child plans on attending an upcoming performance, the three practices before the performance are mandatory. This is an extracurricular activity and things do come up that cause us to cancel practice. Since there are so many families to contact our most utilized form of contact is email. We ask that parents check their email before coming down to practice. Should we need to cancel practice for some reason, we will email you no later than 2:00p.m. on the day of practice. If you do not complete a Registration Form you will not receive email updates. Cancellations for snow/unexpected emergencies will be announced by email. If Baltimore City and/or Baltimore County schools are closed for snow, Ta Ellinakia practice is cancelled. Should you decide not to communicate by email please advise us so that we may make the appropriate arrangements to assure you are contacted.

Our group has various fundraisers throughout the year. All proceeds from these fundraisers are for the upkeep of costumes and to purchase new costumes as needed. It is expected that all parents participate in any way they can support the dance group's fundraiser activities.

We would like to thank you for enrolling your child in the Saint Nicholas Ellinakia Dance Group. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Email address:

Thank you,

Georgia Zervos & Renia Zervos, Directors