Hellenic Golden Coins

About Us

The Hellenic Golden Coins is St. Nicholas' first dance group. It was created and organized by the late Ms. Lela Angelou over 50 years ago. The dance group is comprised of students ranging from thirteen years old to twenty-five years old ( 13 years old to 25 years old). For practice and performance purposes the group is divided by age with the junior members (13-15), senior members (16-18), young adults (19-25) practicing together.

The dance group's main focus is to teach the students the basic traditional Greek dances from all over Greece, as well as some of the more modern dances. The students have performed at nursing homes, festivals, dances, fundraisers, the State House and participated in Folk Dance Festival (FDF) competition.

The Hellenic Golden Coins are the highlight of the St. Nicholas Greek Folk Festival held every year in June. Costumes are provided. Join now and enjoy the wonderful experience of being apart of this elite dance group.