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Sunday School

About Us

Instruction about our Orthodox Faith primarily comes from the parents, but it continues with the priest during the church services (Orthros, Divine Liturgy and Sermon) and continues on to the classroom through the lessons taught by the Sunday School teachers and aides. St. Nicholas Sunday School program begins at the pre-school level and continues through high school.

As Sunday school teachers and aides, our mission is to prepare our youth to become not only future members of our church and community, but practicing members of our Orthodox faith.


The use of the bible, prayers and textbooks are but a few of the tools we use to teach our young students about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Recent accomplishments can only be measured when we see our graduates from the Sunday School program return as office aids or teacher's aides.

We are proud of everyone who completes the 12 years of Sunday School. There were many who were listening and how proud all of us should be of them.

The Legacy of our Faith continues in these young adults as they return to teach the younger students what they had learned during their year's in Sunday School.